Installation Ideas For Living Room Track Lighting

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  • Date:2022-11-03

What Are Track Lights Used For?

Track lights are often used as task lighting. This means they are installed in specific areas to provide lighting for specific tasks like cooking or working at a desk. Track lights are also used as accent lighting. This means that they are often installed in areas to accentuate certain room features, such as artwork or architectural elements. They are also often used to create general lighting in several areas. The thing is, they are versatile and can be set up anywhere without looking or feeling out of place. Think striking lighting. Buyers often add them in areas where they are most needed and used.


Business owners can install them to showcase and showcase product mockups they display in the office. They can also help illuminate conference rooms or common work areas where you may have night and day workers who would benefit from their use. Homeowners may want to use them to create cozy spaces, light up dark hallways, or they may want to give their home office a new sense of style and direction. Keep in mind that adjustable track lights are usually dimmable and also provide warmer or brighter white light. It depends on what you need and what you like.


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Lighting is one of the most important and often the most overlooked aspects of interior design. Adjustable track lighting is an economical, attractive, and simple way to enhance your home’s lighting system and overall design. In addition to being functional, stylish and versatile, track lighting is easy to install and requires minimal modification to your ceiling and drywall. Whether showcasing your favorite framed photos and artwork or transforming your kitchen into a functional and stylish workspace, track lights are a perfect choice.


Ronse living room track lighting is a fantastic option for the living-room, thanks to its performance and versatility. If you desire to elevate the lighting experience of your living space all you have to do is set up a track and pair it with the best track heads.. Track heads are typically used for task or accent lighting, while track pendants are typically utilized for ambient lighting (and not a most likely choice for the living-room). Get some inspiration from these smart principles and styles if you are looking for track lighting concepts for the living space.

Look For A Ready-Made Design

Living space surface mounted lights doesn’t need to be an inconvenience. Some track lights come all set to install with a brief track and compatible heads. Search for setups with adjustable tracks so you can place ambient lighting to reach every corner of the living room. Its ambient lighting, or your general purpose lighting, provides a base level of illumination. Track lights, chandeliers, flush or semi-flush ceiling lights, and recessed lighting can all be used to create mood lighting. A common mistake is to stop at this point because ambient lighting provides enough light to comfortably see and move around your home. This is how the lighting in a room seems to lack mood and ambiance.


Recessed Track Light

Turn Your Hallway Into An Art Gallery

There’s a reason track lighting is preferred by top galleries and museums: it provides a beautiful, even source of light that can flood a wall or focus on an artwork. Install track lights 18 to 24 inches away from the wall you wish to illuminate for a soft, alluring glow. Position the track light at a 30 degree angle to the wall, increase 5 degrees if the artwork is large, or decrease 5 degrees if you want to accentuate the texture of the artwork. Next, determine the intensity of the light by assessing the lighting in the rest of the space: typically, you want to light the artwork so that it appears three times brighter than the rest of the room. Your home doesn’t have to be a museum of contemporary art, you can also add a stylish touch to your hallways with track lighting. Whether the artwork you want to showcase is a priceless Picasso or just a treasured photograph, applying track lighting throughout your home will be the perfect way to make them stand out.

Accent Unique Room Features And Displays

If you want to add a little accent lighting to your area, skillfully located track lights might do just the trick. Place mounted lights in the middle of a low beam or shown versus a wall to offer a possibility for state of mind lighting to shine through without using up visual space in your space. When picking mounted lights for the living room, you’ll require to decide if you need a straight or curved track. You’ll also want to make certain the track heads or pendants you pick are compatible with your track system. Remember that track lighting is just among lots of methods you can transform your living room lighting, however it’s an excellent choice for creating multi-functional light throughout the area.


Track lights make for the perfect accent lighting. They’re a dramatic way to visually call attention some of your home’s most beautiful features. Imagine a living room with a cozy brick fireplace and coffee table adorned with travel souvenirs. Set up track lights above and fill it with bulbs that have a narrow to medium flood as well as a few spotlights to provide both ambient and accent lighting. Positioning the narrow to medium bulbs to wash over the fireplace while singing a spotlight down on your coffee table, your track lighting will highlight everything from a display cabinet filled with a priceless containers to a grand piano. Track lighting is the easiest way to make all of your favorite things absolutely eye-catching.

Recessed Track Light

Track Lighting For Urban Style

Whether you have a loft-style living-room or want to integrate a modern metropolitan vibe into your area, track lighting is an exceptional alternative. Run cylindrical track heads along exposed beams as this can highlight high ceilings while including the mark of modern style. Track lights work splendidly even in living spaces with high beamed or angled ceilings. By running the tracks parallel to the beams, you can create a sense of visual consistency. If you have large windows, mounted lights is ideal due to the fact that it won’t block the natural light from beaming into the area. Track light heads are produced task lighting. Place track fixtures over strategic areas of your living-room consisting of seating entryways and plans to optimize job lighting protection. Direct the beam where the illumination will be needed most, consisting of straight over the couch or angled toward the entryway.

How To Choose The Best Track Lights

Did you know that track lighting is not only a great addition to modern design? Many people don’t know that it can help reduce energy consumption and overall lighting replacement! Here’s the thing, track lighting with LEDs typically uses 90% less energy than halogen lights. Not only that, but the track system itself focuses light where you need it most. This can help you stay away from unnecessarily bright areas. They even give you some space and can often be customized to fit the way. But with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to decide which type of track light is right for you. If you need lighting advice and breakdowns to help you find the perfect solution for your residential or commercial space, keep reading.

The first thing you need to do is decide where you want to place your trail lights. Knowing where track lighting goes will help you assess what you need in the design of the lights themselves. For example, some lights are better suited for small workspaces than others, while some options are better suited for high-traffic areas for entertaining. It all depends on the space in which you are trying to improve interior light. Next, you need to start figuring out what kind of light output you’re looking for. LED track lights are a great option as they provide high brightness while consuming less power.


This means you save on your electricity bills and don’t have to replace track bulbs as often. Now, if you want dimmable track lights, be sure to look for the options in the packaging or the instructions that say they are dimmable. When choosing the best track lighting for your space, you also need to consider the angle of the beam. This is the width, in degrees, of the beam emitted by the luminaire. A wider beam angle will provide greater coverage, while a narrower beam angle will provide more focused light. A good way to start is to figure out how many lumens of light you need to make sure your space is well-lit, it’s simple. Keep in mind that this isn’t always necessary, but depending on the space you’re decorating, it might be useful to know. All you have to do is multiply the length and width of the room you are working in.


Multiply that number by 1.5 to get the minimum lumens or wattage needed for the space. If you have a standard ceiling height (about 8 feet), divide the previous value by the wattage of the bulb you will be using.  When shopping, you may also want to know the color temperature of the light to consider. This is measured in Kelvin, and it determines how warm or cold the light will appear. In case you were wondering, a lower Kelvin number means a warmer light, similar to an incandescent bulb. If you want brighter, more natural light, you’ll want to look for something with a higher Kelvin number. The average home lighting system is around 2700K-3000K. This shows you that some lighting options are better for a small book nook, while others may be better for a kitchen or dining room.

Ronse Top 3 Commercial Track Lighting Overview

Ronse Lighting Commercial track lighting offers an efficient and convenient way to integrate LED ceiling lighting solutions into any space. Track lighting is adaptable and versatile, can be installed in a variety of different environments, and is particularly popular in commercial and retail spaces. The track lighting system uses two main elements to operate. The track itself can be installed on the ceiling, wall and suspended or recessed, as well as LED track lights installed along the track. These LED ceiling lights can be installed anywhere on the track and are fully adjustable. All system components are secured into a single electrical system, eliminating the need for structural modification and providing a simple and easy modification option.

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