How To Use Track Lighting Fixtures In Commercial & Residential Places?

  • By:Ronse
  • Date:2021-10-28

We suggest you examine recessed track light prices in India before this so that you can have a concept about how cost effective yet sophisticated these LED lights are.


Spot Mounted Lights Fixtures And Focus On The Artwork

Numerous interiors are focused on one statement art piece or focal point. Track lights can deliberately understand the attention of the visitors to that particular point. The mounted lights system is chosen for such instances of highlighting a particular point of the room, like a track light directed towards the colossal abstract painting in the dining area. This will invent curiosity for the splendid artwork.


Some Best Ways To Use Track Lighting Fixtures For Commercial & Residential Spaces ?

1. Track Lights for Minimalism

Minimalism is the lifestyle philosophy that endeavors into coping with minimal needs & items around. Led surface mounted lights fixtures follow this concept of minimalism, for both domestic and industrial settings. A linear track of prime LED track light fits the ideology of minimalism and exudes elegance. With Fablite’s white & black COB track lights, even the color shade & interior style matches minimalism.


Track LED lights are sleek, versatile, and sophisticated. Contemporary indoor lighting styles frequently consist of mounted lights, because of its flexibility & modern design all the cafes, saloons, and other public leisure locations are overwhelmed with track lighting. An average track with multiple LED light bulbs can be utilized over the cooking location or the dining zone. Track lights are not simply commercially a success however are chosen as a lighting alternative for homes also.


LED lights are the 21st century’s greatest development in the lighting market. Within LED lighting systems, many different types of lighting have actually evolved. The most progressive is lighting by using LED track lights.

 2. Track Light Components

Track lighting components are attached on a continuous two-wire track rail (positioned anywhere) linked by track connectors. The track is, normally, adjustable and long lasting, making it rather adaptable to every architectural structure. Most of the track lighting systems are linked to a single source point. This ensures easy setup and replacement. It can get rather hectic if every LED light is to be turned on separately. Although, this can be executed for individuals who wish to own that control over the lighting patterns. There are various LED light bulbs offered for the same.

3. LED lights as Directions

Unconsciously, we all enjoy easy-to-follow instructions, and that is precisely what LED track light does. It simply takes the path for movement. If mounted lights components are embraced in a brand-new & big industrial space, it can play several functions of directing people, guiding newbies, and keeping the area organized.

4. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the counterpart of natural light. It is the synthetic light that lights up a room. The really vibrant nature of track lighting is that it can function as numerous lighting types and can be utilized in different methods.


With an intense track light in the middle of the space, there suffices luminosity for all. Hence, track LED lights can spread out sufficient light in a closed area. Track lights are rather effective, lasting as much as 100,000 hours. This implies that you can utilize track lights as the primary source of lighting, without the need for any changes or changes.

5. Wall Washing Effect

If the light is washing down the wall in an equivalent percentage, Wall cleaning is a method in which it appears as. The wall washing effect is mainly observed in royal locations such as art galleries and museums. It is an imperial part of interior decoration. The wall cleaning impact can be developed by the strategic placement of track lights too. You can check out different angles and even try different colors, on either a plain wall or a wall with a statement artwork.

6. Halo Effect

The Halo result is, foremostly, a circular structure of lights representing a halo. Such a result is quite profitable in dim-lit rooms. For entrances, receptions, and waiting lounges, the halo effect leaves a terrific effect with its elegant design. This intriguing halo effect can be developed using these mounted lights components. The trick is to wisely set up the position of the lights, as per the measurements of the room.

7. Corridor Lighting

In lots of intense film scenes, we have actually followed the protagonist through a well-lit hallway, causing a location of wonder. Such a hallway is not far-fetched. You can utilize track lights to direct the people through these corridors if your workplace or home has lots of hallways. It can be a linear lighting pattern or follow absurd mismatched angles to produce a creative impact.

8. Wall Grazing Effect

Wall Grazing is rather comparable to the wall-washing result. The core difference herein is that the walls here are textured. The lights are used to maintain the focal point to the texture of the wall. It magnifies the looks of the texture of the wall and increases the cosmetic worth of the area. So, track lights can be utilized to anchor significance to the wall.

9. Track Lights as Task Lighting

Task Lighting is a system of lighting wherein the lights are directed towards certain aspects reflecting various tasks, for instance– lights above the dining location to specify the consuming zone. Job lighting is exceptionally efficient in industrial places, such as restaurants, beauty salons, bars, etc. These indicate zones of personal privacy along with include glamour to that location. LED spotlights & track lights are an ideal fit as job lights.

10. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is focused lighting. In general, track lights are terrific for accent lighting. Lots of interior designers use LED track lights for developing several centerpieces. With the adjustable lights choice, there is a lot of liberty in positioning the lights Track lights can be changed as per the requirements, like utilizing a single set of track lights for a double working station. This turns out to be ecologically friendly and very economical.

11. Track Lights for Mood Lighting

State of mind lighting is a recent advancement in lighting technology. State of mind lighting implies the lighting system that associates with the overall mood (atmosphere) of the space. For instance, warm light relieves the state of mind of the person whereas bright white light improves performance. Nowadays, there are track lights with mood-lighting features. RONSE offers prime 3-in-1 COB track lights accommodating this function.

12. Hanging Track Lights

You can choose for hanging track lights if there are high ceilings in the working space. These lights can function as mini chandeliers, with strong cable televisions to hold them together. Hanging lights amplifies the decoration of the place and exhibits qualities of luxury. These can be used in both formal and casual areas– the colors and designs can be picked appropriately.

13. Color Contrasting

Track lights can be utilized for color-contrasting also. Track lights are offered in different colors. Different tones can be contrasted to produce a vibrant coloring result. With making use of structured colored track lights, your space will lighten up with vibrant tones. Color Contrasting is noteworthy for kids’s spaces, official dining locations, creative zones, and so on

14. Track Lights as Dividers

Track lights can be used for color-contrasting also. Track lights are readily available in different colors. Different shades can be contrasted to create a vibrant coloring impact. With the use of structured colored track lights, your room will lighten up with vibrant tones. Color Contrasting is noteworthy for kids’s rooms, official dining locations, creative zones, etc.

15. Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen area is the chief location wherein track lighting can re-do the entire appearance of your kitchen area. With lights following locations for baking, heating, cutting, eating, etc, your kitchen gives out a 3D effect. These lights should be utilized in combination with natural light– enhancing the effect of the sunlight through the windows.



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