How To Select the Right Track Light Fixture ?

  • By:Ronse
  • Date:2021-10-27

What To Consider Before Choosing Your Track Lighting Fixtures

Track Type: An recessed track light system can be line or low voltage, single or 2 circuits, and straight or versatile. Before you buy mounted lights fixtures for your mounted lights system, you must recognize what type of track you have or what kind of track you want to buy. Bear in mind that every lighting fixture will not be compatible with every track system. The fixtures are identified by the maker, adapter standard, and voltage needed for the track you have.


Layout: The lighting track you have is straight or flexible and it has a single-circuit or a two-circuit setup. Likewise, the lighting system is either set up directly to the ceiling or suspended from it. When picking the types of components you need, take these elements into account. You can have any layout you want for your mounted lights system using track ports and various track lengths.


Start Your Search At RONSE Lighting

RONSE Lighting offers a broad selection of lighting sets, tracks, track heads, track devices, and surface mounted lights power ports to satisfy all of your track lighting requirements. Track light systems are frequently set up throughout art galleries, retail stores, restaurants, and kitchens.


Pick LED Light Bulbs Over Halogen Light Bulbs

MR16 LED light bulbs consume 50% less power than MR16 Halogen bulbs and can operate as much as 100,000 hours. Compared to the 2,000 to 6,000 hour lifetime of a MR16 Halogen bulb, the setup of MR16 LED light bulbs remove the need for continuous bulb replacement and require less maintenance in time.


Choose Your Fixtures

To choose the right components for your led commercial lighting fixtures, you should figure out if the components work with the track system in place. Also, consider what is being illuminated. Components that are installed to illuminate art work are usually various from lighting fixtures used for general lighting. Additionally, lamps differ in size and brightness.


Track lights are installed on ceilings and walls in places that require efficiency and adjustability. These lights are perfect for directional lighting– for example: focusing light on artwork or other items and task lighting. Track lighting is versatile, so changing lights to match rearranged furnishings is easy to do, and this lighting solution is the very best option for areas that can not accommodate recessed lighting.



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