How To Install Track Lighting ?

  • By:Ronse
  • Date:2021-10-25

You can never ever underestimate the value of creating an efficient lighting plan when planning or updating a space. Good lighting style will favorably affect your experience of a room, not just in terms of exposure and aesthetic appeal however it also increases productivity and profitability. Although it is a staple of retail and commercial lighting, recently mounted lights have actually fallen out of favor in the domestic sector. Nevertheless, this is now changing as contemporary track lighting systems are becoming prevalent in the market. As a result, they are growing in popularity.


What is mounted lights ?

As the name would recommend mounted lights include a channel system with lighting heads that can be installed and repositioned according to your requirements. The significant appeal of led surface mounted lights is its flexibility and versatility. The tracks can be found in different lengths which can be cut and connected with using accessories (both stiff and flexible) to change the setup of the track system. When the track is in location, lighting heads are then clipped into the track in their wanted area. The lighting heads can then be further personalized and angled to the exact position.


Sqaure track lights has numerous applications throughout a series of sectors consisting of:

Residential Track Lighting

Mounted lights can be executed all throughout the home, whether it is to highlight art and family treasures or as job lighting in spaces suchs as the ki tchen area, laundry and bed rooms.


Retail Track Lighting

Retail mounted lights is used to accent shop screens and improve the total impressions of the space.This kind of lighting highlights the quality and appeal of the products available.


Business Track Lighting

Due to the fact that of its flexibility and how easy it is to adjust according to your requirements, typically business track lighting is used in commercial projects.


Industrial Track Lighting

As track lighting can be suspended from the ceiling it is utilized in industrial project for efficient lighting in high ceilings and crucial task orientated zones.


How can you install track lighting ?

One thing that is important to consider before starting a mounted lights project is the kind of setup approach that will work best for you. There are a variety of methods to install track lighting. These consist of:


Recessed Track Lighting

The installation process resembles the regular ceiling mounted lights, nevertheless here the track sits inside a built opening within the ceiling or bulkhead. This method requires more preparation and precision but tends to be produce a more refined result.


Suspended and Hanging Track Lighting

This method is used in circumstances where the ceiling height avoids reliable lighting or as an intentional design system utilized to create interest.


Wall Mounted Track Lighting

The tracks can be fixed to the wall in the same way as a ceiling as an alternative design feature.


Ceiling Track Lighting

This is the most typical and basic technique of mounted lights installation.The led ceiling light outdoor tracks are screwed directly into the ceiling product and sit flush versus the surface. This method is prefered amongst ‘do it yourselfers’ as it is easy to use and cost effective.



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