How To Change Mounted Light In Safe Way?

  • By:Ronse
  • Date:2021-10-22

There are times when you may need to adjust the position and direction of lighting heads to enhance your wanted lighting effect. This procedure might differ a little in between designs so constantly follow the manual instructions. However in essence the process of replacing or moving lighting heads is the opposite to adding them. Twist the head anticlockwise until the prongs have actually removed from the channel. Move them to your wanted place and twist them back into place. For security reasons, it is always advised that you shut off the mains power before doing this.

How to set up mounted lights on a beam ?

Depending upon the design of your space, you might want to install your led surface mounted lights on an existing beam. Before you start, you will need to figure out whether the beam is load bearing. It is essential not to jeopardize the structural stability of the beam and trigger any damage to your residential or commercial property.


Are you able to hide the circuitry within the wall or nearby ceiling? This will depend upon the style and place of the tracks you are going to place. Typically this is the most common and effective method to hide the wiring. There are a number of products on the market which can be used to cover exposed cables if this is not possible.


Does track lighting require a junction box ?

Simply put yes. Square track light needs to be connected to a junction box. Not just does the junction box safeguard all of the wiring from damage, it likewise protects you and your liked ones from damage. Usually the junction box will be hidden in the ceiling.


Can you intend house to a junction box within the beam? Once again this will need professional suggestions about whether it is safe to get rid of the required size from the beam for the junction box. It is preferable to prevent doing this where possible.



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