Choose The Best Downlights For Bathrooms

  • By:Ronse
  • Date:2021-10-15

Some Things Should Be Considered

  • Brightness. The brightness of a bulb is measured in lumens (lm), and it informs you how strong (or weak) a light is. It can make or break the lighting of your entire space, so make certain you’re set on the result you’re aiming for.
  • Beam Angle. Beam angle tells you how broad the beam is. So, for focal points, get a narrower beam and use a broader beam for accent lighting.
  • Colour Temperature. Light can be found in a range of color temperature levels. Warm whites are better for producing a calming, unwinding environment however aren’t best for performing any tasks. On the other hand, cool whites and natural whites are brighter and more apparent, making them ideal for work but a bit strenuous for unwinding.
  • Style. The bezel is the only part noticeable in a downlight, and considering that it does not affect the total quality and performance of your lights, it only needs to please you and fit your style. Ensure to pick something that will complement your bathroom decoration. White bezels are the most universal and most often picked.
  • Fire-rated. All lights are thoroughly checked, however, not all are fire-rated, which suggests that they meet all the fire safety requirements.

Where Should Downlights Be Placed in a Bathroom?

The positioning of your restroom surface mounted downlight is crucial for accomplishing the most pleasing and functional impact. The very first and the most essential thing you need to bear in mind is safety measures. Make sure you put the ideal lights in the proper zones if your lights vary when it comes to IP rating. Another thing to think about is how you will be utilizing your bathroom downlights. Knowing this will permit you to choose the proper brightness, temperature level, and beam angle. For instance, a mirror where you put your makeup on or shave your facial hair is an important centerpiece that ought to be well-lit.


How Many Downlights Do You Need in a Bathroom?

Of course, the last number will depend upon the size of your bathroom and the preferred result. However thinking about that your bathroom has three zones, 3 downlights are an absolute minimum. Led recessed downlight is versatile enough for you to experiment– you can either produce some centerpieces in a room or light it up completely. It’s vital to identify all focal points to make sure that you have the proper lighting whenever you need it. Keep in mind that it’s constantly much better to have more lights than end up with too little if you have some doubts. You can always utilize a dimmer switch to control its use.


Due to the fact that you have to bear in mind that water and humidity are present which does not go well with electrical energy, Lighting the bathroom can be a bit difficult. Fortunately, there are precautions that you can follow, which do not restrict your design selection. Because of their adaptability, energy effectiveness, and safety, downlights (primarily LED downlights) are among the most popular options for restroom lighting.

What Are the Bathroom Lighting Zones?

To select the lights with the proper IP score, it would be useful for you to know what the restroom lighting zones are.

  • Zone 0– Refers to locations immersed in water, such as the floor of your shower. For this zone, you will require a minimum of IP67.
  • Zone 1– It is the area near a water source, e.g., straight above a shower. Here, an IP67 is suggested also, however, IP65 would also suffice.
  • Zone 2– Indicates the perimeters of Zone 1, for which you will require IP44 rated lighting, which is the most typical ranking for restroom lights.
  • Zone 3– There will be no water utilized, however thinking about the humidity of the entire space, you must go with at least IP20 ranked lights. 


What to Consider While Choosing Downlights?

The abundance of LED downlights readily available on the market can be frustrating, so we have prepared a shortlist of things to think about while picking your LED Downlights.


Do You Need Special Downlights for a Bathroom?

There aren’t any downlights clearly designed for a bathroom, but various types might vary in features. What you require to think about while selecting is the IP Rating. It specifies if the item is protected against other possibly harmful particles like solids or liquids. The absolute minimum IP score for the restroom must be IP44. However, if you’re thinking about putting your lights very near water sources (zone 1 of a restroom), you must go with at least IP65 or above to be 100% sure of its security.


Most people normally disregard restroom lighting in the past. It was everything about performance and never about looks and design. They focused more on picking under-cabinet lights for the kitchen area, beautiful chandeliers for the living rooms, and ambient lights in the bedroom. Now, that has changed.



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