Are Track Lighting Heads Interchangeable?

  • By:Ronse
  • Date:2021-10-20

What are some other considerations with mounted lights?

Another element to think about is voltage. Most L, h, and j tracks utilize 120 volts. You might be asking for a problem if you are attempting to add in a fixture head with various voltage specs. Aside from voltage, most other functions are reasonably the exact same in terms of performance no matter whether it’s L, h, or j. You ought to likewise understand that most track L, j, and h lighting is a single circuit implying the lamps are operated together from a single switch. While there are a few models with double circuit capabilities, the standard is still single circuit.


Are rail lighting and track lighting the exact same?

Led surface mounted lights must not be confused with rail lighting. Rail lighting is similar in style to track with the directional component heads, however, the shape is various. Rail lighting is typically on a track that is curved to accommodate special ceilings or placement needs. It is bendable to enable more adaptability than conventional mounted lights. Rail lighting, unlike mounted lights, is not interchangeable at all amongst various manufacturers. For the most part, the fixtures connected are the only ones compatible with that type of lighting system, although some manufacturers will use extra choices for heads within their rail lighting options.


Lighting is necessary for any area. And if you are unfamiliar with specific elements of lighting, it can seem complicated. As one of the track light manufacturers, Ronse low voltage track light is among the most preferable types of lighting, and therefore we often get a lot of concerns about it. The most typical one tends to be the matter of interchangeability. Are mounted light heads interchangeable? Keep reading for all you need to understand.


Are track lighting fixtures interchangeable?

Whether or not the components are interchangeable depends on the system. In short, there are a few types– such as J, l, and h mounted lights. If they are in the very same track classification, many units are interchangeable. For instance, one brand name’s J track lighting will be interchangeable with another brand name’s J track lighting, and so on. Nevertheless, you can’t just include components suggested for the J track to an H or L track. The interchangeability is more about the brand names and models within the exact same track classification and not a basic sweeping assumption of all mounted lights solutions.



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