10 Tips For Choosing Led Downlights

  • By:Ronse
  • Date:2021/10/19

It's a long list but choosing and installing led downlight fixtures is a huge decision. Here are some tips when considering buying the downlights.

1. Lightly colored walls appear more vibrant and better lit than darker, light-absorbing surfaces. Keep that in mind when thinking about light spacing, brightness, and beam angle.


2. Use light-level dimmers with your downlights to save money on electricity. Nevertheless, note not all dimmers and dimmable LEDs work. Seek respectable LED providers to provide compatibility charts listing dimmer types and brands.


3. Utilize a push-button dimmer if you do choose to install dimmers. Flush to the wall, they look slick and act as an on/off switch too.


4. Purchase from relied on Australian wholesale brand names only with true warranty and quality. There are quite a lot of low-cost imports online, however, cheap online ceiling downlights do not necessarily comply with Australian requirements and this could cost you a lot later if something was to go wrong with them.


5. Try to find an Australian-standard plugs base so you can plug in and flick, without needing an electrical expert.


6. When purchasing LED downlights you need to seek to purchase 90mm size, as these are the most commonly sold, this suggests you will get them less expensive since they are made in bigger quantities and likewise when you alter the components they will be easier to replace that size.


7. You need to only look to buy from quality wholesalers when you are looking where to buy. The marketplace is flooded with various grades so only buy from the big companies who supply real service warranties and also comply with Australian requirements.


8. When changing halogen to LED look to purchase warm white to match the very same color temperature level.


9. Once you have bought your lights you then need them installed, ensure you utilize a good electrical contractor with a good reputation, it will cost from $50 to $70 to set up each.


10. When you are eliminating LED downlights, pull it down slowly from the roofing system so you do not break the gyprock and also enjoy your fingers from getting hit by the springs.


When selecting IC ranked lights ensure the warranty is for a minimum of 3 years. Never ever buy halogen downlights that don't have an IC score and place them near insulation or lumber. Lights with an IC score can come into direct contact with building insulation and ceiling woods without being a fire danger.


A lot of people ask what is the distinction between a spotlight and a downlight. Recessed led spotlights will highlight a particular item like a piece of art, the beam angle will be narrow and very direct, a downlight will have a larger beam angle, the broader the angle the less you need.


Altering Downlights

If your downlight has a globe like a picture listed below then you can change the LED downlight world by pulling the center ring out by twisting the center ring, the globe now can be taken out from the back and changed.


Insulation Contact (IC) Rating

The IC score is used to figure out whether a recessed downlight is appropriate to come into contact with your structure insulation.




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